Interview: Blitz Kids

This is a transcript of an interview conducted for ELECTRIC BANANA, with Nic Montgomery from Blitz Kids, before their performance in the supporting slot for Lower Than Atlantis. It took place on 24/04/13 in a backstage corridor at Portsmouth Pyramids Centre.

We discuss the new single ‘On My Own’, its bizarre new video, the upcoming album, intense self-deprecation, foxes and shit.

No, really. We discuss shit.

Blitz Kids
Blitz Kids

First of all, inevitably, how are you today? 

Overall, quite well, yes. A little bit tired, but that’s my own fault. It’s the second to last date of the tour so it’s OK. It’s been (checks backstage pass to count the shows) ten dates over two weeks. We’ve had a couple of days off here and there, but most are travel days.

Has it been a strenuous one?

No, it’s been quite chilled out really! The reason we’re really tired is because we keep getting pissed every night! We say we’re not going to get pissed and then we end up leathered. Like last night. Oh well.

As you were counting the tour dates there, I noticed your backstage pass, and its logos. I know you’re not a member of Lower Than Atlantis, but have you got any idea why this tour is called the ‘Fuck it to the Man Tour’?

I don’t know. They chose the name. I think they’re just rebels… I assume! I don’t really know!

It got my attention anyway.

Exactly! Have you seen the inflatable middle fingers as well? Like those giant cut-out foam hands you see at a wrestling match, but with middle fingers instead. I thought that was quite a nice touch. Maybe they planned it all around those fingers.

How did you get involved in this… ‘Fuck it to the Man Tour’?

We’ve been on the road with LTA before. We did a tour in Europe with them a couple of months ago. I think we basically begged and pleaded to go with them, and they said ‘yeah’. No, we begged to go on the UK and they said we could do it if we did the Euro tour with them as well first. So we did that, and we all got on quite well. I think it’s also because we’re one of the only bands they haven’t toured with yet. We’re the bottom of the barrel! (laughs)

Lower Than Atlantis: Proud advocates of the F-word.
Lower Than Atlantis: Proud advocates of the F-word.

That can’t really be the case, can it? You supported Kids in Glass Houses a while ago. I caught you there.

Yeah, that was a couple of years ago now, I think it was.

That long ago? Jeez…

Yeah, I know. I keep thinking about that too. Crazy.

I met Phillip Jenkins (drummer of Kids in Glass Houses) there.

Yeah? He’s a nice guy.

The website I was writing for at the time were sort of testing the water for what angle they wanted to take, whether to be silly or deadly serious, and I was the guinea pig. The Phillip interview was a ‘silly’ day. Would you like one of his questions?

Alright, go on…

OK, it’s Electric Banana, so it’s about food. If you, your band and your music were a food, what would you taste like?

(laughs) Pffff… probably shit.

Ugh, that’s the nastiest one yet. I thought Black Veil Brides were bad. They said dog food.

No, that’s pretty good. I think we might be a burrito. Or beer. We taste like beer. We taste like poo in a beer. Beer poo. Or poo beer.

A Blitz Kids banquet... apparently...
A Blitz Kids banquet… apparently…

Alright, on a more serious note, you released a mini-album relatively recently, called Never Die. Why did you keep back and make an EP rather than expand it to an LP?

Because the cogs were already turning for the album. We had big plans for the album essentially, but we hadn’t done anything for a really long time. So, we did it in the UK. We were gonna to an EP, but then we decided that we wanted to do a bit more than four songs, and then we just called it a ‘mini-album’. It was a bit difficult really. We had to bridge the gap between now and the last thing we put out, which was the first album, which was pretty shit. So we thought we would just let everyone know that we were getting better and that there will be an album.

Pretty shit? Aww, that’s not very nice. Is this where your poo beer analogy comes from? 

Yeah! The first album was a really bad idea and it was conceived badly. It’s not a terrible album, the songs were good, but the production’s bad. The idea’s bad. We just had to do an EP to bridge a gap between the two, to let everyone know that we’re still there, but just bubbling under the surface.

A few days ago you released a music video (‘On My Own’). Just to check that I’m not going nuts – did I, or did I not see a talking fox head in that video?

You did. I only saw that the other day as well, hours before we launched it. There is a taxidermy fox that talks. I don’t know why. I didn’t see it during the thing. It must have been CGI. A cheeky bit of CGI afterwards.

Whose choice was that?

The director’s, I believe.

Did you get a say in the making of that video?

We did. We got to pick the director, and we chose a concept, and sort of let him go with it, because we’re not film makers. We just had this idea, and idea was that there was this constant rotation of the guy, and he keep falling back into his chair and stuff. It was kind of the meaning behind the song. So, we gave this idea to the video commissioner, and he brought us a load of directors and said “this guy’s good, this guy’s bad”. We sat down and talked to a bunch of them, and he seemed like the nicest one. He seemed to get where we were coming from a bit more, so it was an obvious choice.

So you were happy with that interesting addition?

Yeah, totally! Every video we do, it seems to be very DIY. Our friends run a production company, and we’ve done our videos with them, but it’s all a bit more DIY. This time we wanted to leave our opinions out a little bit and leave it to professionals. We still gave them the idea, and the concept and stuff, but we left it to them then. We didn’t want to be there on the day, worried about whether the extras were getting fed or any of that crap. It’s just easier this way. It is unusual for us, but I think we were happier to do it that way.

I don’t know how to ask this without sounding nasty. Sorry that I seem to be dwelling on something that lasts for a split second, but don’t you think it makes it less solemn and serious as the song and rest of the video is?

I think the concept was to make it a bit warped and a bit weird. There’s girls drawing on each other with pens and stuff, which out of context sounds mental as well. There was supposed to be an element of madness to the video. I think that’s why there’s a talking CGI fox in there!

Anyway! Enough foxes… you’ve been working on an album.

It’s done.

It’s done? So, when might that see the light of day?

September. It’s the 13th or the 18th or something. Originally it was penciled in for March! It just turns out that the market plans were pushed back a bit. We wanted to have it out before festival season but that wasn’t feasible, so it makes more sense to do it at the end of summer now. And then, obviously we have a couple more singles coming out as well, so hopefully those will help with that.

OK. Is there anything else you would like to say before I press stop?

The video’s out now. Just enjoy it and keep your eyes out and we’ll be around in the future.

Marvelous. Thanks very much.

Thank you very much.


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