Interview: Trivium

(Written for Audio Addict, December 2011)

TRIVIUM’S NEW WAVELENGTH: Trivium prepare to unleash new sound at Download 

Everybody has heard sinister tales of heavy metal musicians: a punch-up here, an arrest there, with a drug overdose thrown in for good measure. Therefore, when it comes to meeting a metal band face-to-face, with such rumours lurking, should we cower when led to their dressing rooms?

“Matt is a real food guru. He likes to try all sorts of food.”

Perhaps not. Corey Beaulieu is lead guitarist of Florida metal foursome Trivium, who have just announced that they will be performing at Download Festival 2012. He speaks to Audio Addict about their future plans.

While it seems obvious, as he is flopped on a sofa before tonight’s sold out show in Southampton, he clarifies that he is relaxed as the performance approaches. The band are quietly charging up before emptying that energy at a manic audience. “We’ve never gotten nervous or anything before shows. Whether it’s a couple of hundred or sixty-thousand, we kind of approach it in the same way. We just go up and do our thing.” Despite the same frame of mind each night, he promises that Download will not be ‘just another show’.

It has been less than a year since the release of their latest album In Waves, yet the band has their sights set way, way into the future. Corey makes a point of how a metal band’s work is never finished.

“We’re scheduling almost a year in advance. We’ve already been talking about doing our next album. We always write on tour so we’ve already got a bunch of stuff that we’re writing. We always kind of prepare because when we get off tour we don’t wanna have to start writing because that will just add more time, and we won’t be out there in the scene.” 

Their last two albums differ a lot, as their 2008 behemoth Shogun was constructed with tracks of epic proportions, with the title track clocking in at a ridiculous twelve minutes, while last year’s In Waves is far more concise. While it might be a long way off, Corey and co. seem to know exactly where the process is headed, and what they want of the new album. 

“The next record will have more variation. People do love Shogun for its seven-string stuff. It made everything a bit darker. We didn’t use any on the last record. I think it’ll be a mixture of both worlds. The next one will have new twists and turns that no one’s heard us do yet.”

Excited yet? Still, you might want to make yourself comfortable. This could take a while.

Trivium’s latest album In Waves is available now.


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