Linkin Park (O2 Arena, 10/11/10)

This post is just as much about another event as it is the concert itself. On this day, I went to London for the ‘DEMOLITION’ march, which was a march to Westminster in protest against education cuts, and the hike in student fees (this would ultimately be unsuccessful, because as the government said it would, the cap on BA degree fees was raised from £3300 to £9000 the following year). Admittedly, I hadn’t intended to go to this protest, and when approached by a student at university in a corridor, asking whether I could join them, I told her (truthfully) that I had too much work to finish. For better or for worse, my tutor walked past at just the right moment to hear this and told me to forget the essay, and that the protest was far more important.

This led to another happy accident – it fell on the same day as a Linkin Park concert in London. I was sneakily able to exploit this, asking not to be taken home by the coach at the end of the day, and staying to see the show. That would also not be the only time that I jumped around heartily, because later that day I spotted that I was in shot live on BBC News and decided to dance around in the background while someone reported from outside the Houses of Parliament. My mother was not impressed. I’m disappointed that I never got to see a recording.

So, the concert. I was really excited about this show because they had been a huge influence on me – Hybrid Theory was my first album. I assumed at the time that this would be the final opportunity that I would get to see some of the tracks from that album performed live as their catalogue grew (and they did indeed play most of the singles from Hybrid Theory and Meteora). As it turned out, I was incorrect that as I would get to witness them perform the album in its entirety at Download Festival 2014.

To fit the dark and ambient of the album that they were touring at the time, A Thousand Suns, the stage was very gloomy, and at times the bands were just silhouettes as the lights shone from behind them. I recall going especially ballistic when second song ‘Papercut’ (first track of Hybrid Theory kicked in). And of course, I screamed my throat raw at the end – “the SUN GOES DOOOWN!”.

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