Muse (LCCC, Manchester, 04/09/10)

Supported by Pulled Apart By Horses, Band of Skulls, Editors. I had already bought myself a ticket to see Muse at Wembley Stadium, but bought this ticket at last minute when it became apparent that most of my friends from the Muselive forum had decided that they would meet here. Some had even come from abroad, so I wasn’t going to pass on that chance.

Muselive veterans. That’s me in the red shirt.

The previously envisioned party at a Holiday Inn was reduced to seeing how many people could squeeze onto a single bed. I remember that someone defaced a bible that was provided in the hotel which such witty remarks as “POO” and “LOL” on page 69.  This was also the evening where I ranted a bit too loudly about being sick of hearing my sister watching Barney the Purple Dinosaur, and everyone noticed how good my impression was. They got me to say “and remember, I LOVE YOU” many times on Skype after that.

We all signed the football with our usernames. I’m Nogli.

As for the show itself, it was one of the less special shows on the tour (although we were lucky to get the holy-grail ‘Citizen Erased’ and the increasingly rarely performed ‘Map of the Problematique’), but this was compensated for by getting to meet so many people.

Besides, I was still going to see them in London, at one of Muse’s greatest and most infamous performances…

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