Ye Olde Gig Diaries: The Subways (Portsmouth Pyramids Centre, 10/11/05)

My desire to be a music journalist is nothing new. Once upon a time, aged 13-17, I kept a scrapbook of concerts that I attended. However, not realising just how many I would end up going to, it wasn’t updated very often. Still, it is a documentation of how my relationship with live music began. In this series, I will brush off the dust and transcribe these old diary entries (with emphasis on ‘diary’ as they aren’t reviews) in all their flawed glory.

While this post on The Subways is only tiny, I can’t resist putting it here, if only due to the fact that frontman Billy Lunn retweeted it on Twitter.



My friend Toby joined me, and was there only to see the support – The Kooks. There I also bought my first vinyl, a 7” of Slave to the Game, for £1.00. I’m not sure what to do with it. I played it once and I don’t know whether to do it again. I haven’t yet got the hang of collecting vinyl. I’ll see if I can find it. It might be worth something one day. They were very good live though.

(NOTE: As of 2017, it isn’t worth anything. Not that it matters. I lost it ages ago. Also, I recall being perplexed by Toby going only for the support. He was obsessed with them. I remember him trying to explain to me ‘Eddie’s Gun’ – their little ditty about erectile dysfunction.)


Subways were also very good, and very, very loud. They only have one album at the moment, so they played pretty much their entire catalogue. Frontman Billy Lunn is the most manic person I had seen on stage, being incredibly frantic, tearing off his shirt before stage diving. I’m going to a lot more concerts now, but that’s the first stage dive I’ve seen. Maybe it’s just a legend or I’ve just chosen the wrong concerts.

And needless to say, Charlotte Cooper was really pretty.

(NOTE: Was 15-year-old Nick seriously expected not to mention this?)


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