Ye Olde Gig Diaries: Bloc Party (10th October 2005)

My desire to be a music journalist is nothing new. Once upon a time, aged 13-17, I kept a scrapbook of concerts that I attended. However, not realising just how many I would end up going to, it wasn’t updated very often. Still, it is a documentation of how my relationship with live music began. In this series, I will brush off the dust and transcribe these old diary entries (with emphasis on ‘diary’ as they aren’t reviews) in all their flawed glory.

I’m not proud of some of these, or what I write about (crowd surfing and being dropped on your head in retrospect is annoying, and nothing to be proud of). This was the short entry for Bloc Party’s FLASHY show in Portsmouth Guildhall, on their Silent Alarm tour.

BLOC PARTY (Portsmouth Guildhall, 10/10/2005)

This disappointingly doesn’t have a particularly memorable tale alongside it, but I’ll write about this one anyway. I went with my cousin Scott and we sat at the front of the upper circle, at the very spot where someone had whacked their head at the HIM concert.

The show was fast, it was loud and one that I wish I could have been in the crowd for. This had the most strobe lights I have ever seen at a show , to the point that the drum kit was placed on a flashing platform – a translucent Perspex box with strobe lights in it. It’s just as well I can tolerate them, considering how it was so difficult to look away while sat down.

(NOTE: To this day, this has to be in my top five most vomit-inducing stages that I have ever witnessed)

Key moments were everyone screaming “so fucking useless” in ‘Positive Tension’ (because everything is made better with swearing), and a pretty backdrop of blue lights embedded in the curtains during ‘Blue Light’. The stage was very impressive for a band that had only just been acknowledged. They also played songs much faster. ‘Helicopter’ was over as soon as it had begun!

If there was anything I didn’t like, it was the vocals. I wasn’t sure that I liked Kele’s style when I first listened to Silent Alarm, and have since warmed to it, but live at ten times the volume, that shouting is bloody piercing!

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