WWE SmackDown Review (24/07/18)

This week's SmackDown had a lot to live up to after an amazing episode last week. With two No.1 Contendership matches, another Cien match and The Miz taking to the mic to ruin Daniel Bryan once again, it had all the ingredients to live up to it. So, did it? RANDY ORTON EXPLAINS WHY HE... Continue Reading →


Live Review: The Cardinals/Mojo Fury/Apollo’s Arrows (March 2011)

First band Cardinals’ opening track was an unusual choice - very quiet. Starting at such a low volume seemed to promise a build up into heavier territory, though it never quite took off. Lead guitarist and vocalist Pattrik Callingham’s voice sounds bored, little more than a tired drone. They may have branded themselves as progressive... Continue Reading →


Tonight's SmackDown was absolutely terrific, with all of the right decisions made. New doors have been opened for wrestlers who had taken a back seat, and new faces in the main roster. There is also an aura of mystery, regarding where feuds are going (we are yet to find out *why* Orton attacked, and much... Continue Reading →

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